IMA Award Winner and considered one of the worldwide best 8 string guitar player by “Guitar World Magazine”, Simon Girard is a passionated and innovative artist that keeps pushing his limits as a guitar player, vocalist and songwriter.

Simon started learning classical music at a very young age with his grandfather, a master accordionist, and after 7 years of playing, he experimented with guitars and other instruments such as drums, piano and bass while getting into various music genres.

In 2005, he created a band in which he could surpass his own boundaries and lead the new sound of progressive death metal, which turned into critically acclaimed “Beyond Creation”. During the songwriting process, he studied classical guitar in College to increase his musical knowledge and eventually leaned towards extended range instruments, especially 8 string guitar.

Since the release of their debut full-length album “The Aura”, Montreal’s progressive death metal band Beyond Creation have become one of the most innovative and groundbreaking formation in metal today. They have blazed their way through the genre with their own unique blend of top-notch technicality, fluidity and jazz-inspired progressive music. With their originality, fresh perspective and hard work, the band was able to secure a highly sought after record deal with European Label “Season of Mist”.

“The Aura” swept through the scene like few debut releases have but their highly revered second album “Earthborn Evolution” managed to prove once again to the fans and metal enthusiasts alike that they are without a doubt at the top of the league in their genre.

As time evolved, the band’s ever growing fan base has allowed them to participate in large scale North American tours and festivals including The Decibel Magazine Tour, Summer Slaughter Tour, Amnesia Rockfest, Montreal’s renowned Heavy MTL and many more. Additionally, Beyond Creation has quickly reached international territory by touring in Japan, Dubai, Australia, South America and Europe. Wherever they step foot, they are remembered as efficient, professional performers, bringing charisma, expertise and precision to the stage.

In 2018, Beyond Creation recorded their highly-anticipated third album “Algorythm”, The reviews are unanimous: “Absolutely masterful” Beyond Creation are one of the worldwide leaders in modern technical death metal, and ‘Algorythm’ is a study in the forward motion of intelligent, progressive extremity.

2019 started the winning of The INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD FOR WORLDWIDE BEST METAL/HARDCORE ALBUM OF 2018 and a nomination at Canada’s largest music awards event – The Junos – for Best Metal Album, which placed ‘Algorythm’ among the finest Canadian records of the year. In early April to June, Beyond Creation stepped foot in Latin American, Australia and New Zealand meeting up with thousands of dedicated and expectant fans.

Centralized around emotion, Simon’s renditions of the recorded compositions are precise, varied and very technical but “feel” is what he wants to share the most with his audience. While his musical ingenuity has been a major factor to Beyond Creation’s exponential success over the years, his entrepreneurial mindset will always be in the frontline to provide the best to the band and his artistic career.

Grasping as much opportunities as he can to maximize the outcome of such a passion driven lifestyle, his fresh perspective on the metal scene allowed the formation to participate in highly rewarding tours and events.

Additionally, Simon is part of a very successful Voice acting company called “The Monster Factory” which took part in many worldwide renowned AAA games and movies such as “Assassin’s Creed / Far Cry / Resident Evil / Tomb Raider and worked with companies such as Disney, Sony Entertainment, Ubisoft and many more”.

You can hear Simon’s voice in the long awaited « Project TL (Lineage Eternal) » created by NCSOFT and the highly acclaimed Marvel’s « Guardians of the Galaxy » created by Eidos-Montréal in 2021.

So his work as manager, composer, musician, photographer and voice actor ensures him an intensively busy schedule. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot of good things to come for the hardworking, passionate artist that he is.


Earthborn Evolution Album Cover


Octobre 2018

1. Disenthrall (1:43)
2. Entre Suffrage Et Mirage (4:20)
3. Surface’s Echoes (6:53)
4. Ethereal Kingdom (5:19)
5. Algorythm (7:39)
6. À Travers Le Temps Et L’Oubli (1:47)
7. In Adversity (3:18)
8. The Inversion (7:26)
9. Binomial Structures (6:31)
10. The Afterlife (5:37)


Earthborn Evolution Album Cover

Earthborn Evolution

Octobre 2014

1. Elusive Reverence (4:15)
2. Sous la lueur de l’empereur (5:26)
3. Earthborn Evolution (5:35)
4. The Great Revelation (2:37)
5. Neurotical Transmissions (5:07)
6. Abstrait Dialog (3:06)
7. The Axiom (4:10)
8. L’exorde (2:08)
9. Theatrical Delirium (6:50)
10. Fundamental Process (7:13)


The Aura Album Cover

The Aura

Septembre 2011

1. No Request For The Corrupted (4:56)
2. Coexistence (7:37)
3. Chromatic Horizon (1:54)
4. Omnipresent Perception (6:12)
5. Injustice Revealed (3:55)
6. Le Detenteur (2:35)
7. The Aura (7:07)
8. Social Disability (5:30)
9. Elevation Path (1:45)
10. The Deported (11:09)


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