About me

Montreal based, I have been photographing for quite a few years now. The time spent producing photographs has allowed me to grow something unique and with such a personal style that reflects my vision of life. I’m on a eternal quest, the one to capture the atmospheres that really speaks to me, those which give me a sense of absolute accomplishment and inner well-being. At first, it was my deep interest in nature that led me to research images that reveal such strength in composition.

What photography means to me

For me, photography is an amazing form of art; it allows us to achieve our dreams, and to provide understanding to everyone that this is in all way possible! There are many places, moments and people on this beautiful planet that provide us with the ability to capture their ways of happiness and hope. Photography allows us to reconnect and live again through the incredible moments, as if we were still there! It allows us to dream and see all energy and beauty nature has to offer. The photographer needs to have a precise vision; a specific ideology in composition as well as understanding of their equipment and control, to lead to the final result. Magical moments can sometimes be brief; wedding, laughter, a kiss, a specific regard, unexpected reactions or even a sunset. Those for me are the best moments cause it is taken on the spot, totally natural without even having to interfere in the scene. Photography has no limit and with my experience I am available for outdoor shots (landscapes), events, weddings, portraits, macro photography and also for music bands photoshoots; whether in a live performance setting, or promotional material.

Over the years, I had the pleasure and privilege to meet and work with numerous people and companies all around the world. I also took part in multiple exhibitions including one of the biggest Canadian art showcases called «Le Salon des métiers d’arts du Québec».

Contact me

If you wish to contact me regarding my services, buying a picture, or using my work on your website, magazine or publicity, please contact me at:
Email: simongirardphotography@gmail.com
Alternatively, you can hit the button just below and you will be taken to my website’s contact form!

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